Long standing history:   Auguste Gand opened and managed one of the first gyms in Durban, South Africa - 1962. He has since assisted and trained many athletes and bodybuilders to achieve their goals.......    Well known bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Reg Park and Mike Katz have also visited.    (Read more)

Affordable Fitness  We offer top quality equipment at very affordable prices.

Cybex Equipment:      The Best of the Best. The Cybex Eagle range is regarded as one of the most superior ranges of gym equipment in the world today. FIFA head office and Manchester United Football Club uses Cybex gym equipment. Why don't you use it? If you want to train with Cybex gym equipment call us at 031 2010333 (Durban - South Africa) ..... (read more)
True Fitness:   TRUE® is a global leader in premium cardio equipment and its technology, innovation, performance, safety and style make it a must for anyone who wants to achieve true fitness. We are the first fitness clubs in South Africa to introduce their latest touch screen technology into our facility. Once you've used a True Treadmill or Elliptical nothing else will quiet  measure up to their exellence. ... (read more) 

AbCoaster - the most innovative abdominal machine yet developed:  Losing weight and toning the muscles of the abdomen are by far the two things that are most important to our members. That is why we ordered this revelutionary piece of machinery to assist our members achieve their goals. We are confident that it will be one of the most popular piece of abdominal equipment in the gym. Our gym will be the first to have an Abcoaster in South Africa .... (read more) 

New High Performance Centre for the Serious Trainer:    We have pleasure in informing our members that we have introduced the latest in the new Cybex range of Free Weights and Plate Loaded equipment for our new centre. This new High Performance Centre will maximize the fitness enthusiast resistance training workout. ... (read more)
Gym Address    : Shop 63 Berea Centre, 249 Berea Road, Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. 
Gym telephone  : 031 2010333                               Int :  + 27 31 2010333
Gym fax        : 031 2010348                               Int :  + 27 31 3010348
Gym email      : getfit@fitnesscompany.co.za
Cardio Theater:    We are happy to inform our members that the cardio equipment from True will be equiped with wireless receivers to allow members to watch and listen to their favourite TV programs. This should come into place in the next two months ... 
Nautilus XPLOAD Half Racks:    Two 9 feet Half Racks from Nautilus give our members and athletes the advantage they deserve. XPLOAD gives you the tools so that you can go all the way ... (read more)
Glute ham:      Over two decades ago this machine was fashioned in the USA after the Russian athletes had achieved great success by adding this great exercise to their training programs. The Fitness Company is one of the first training centres in South Africa to introduce this greate machine to its members. The Nautilus glute hame is shown in the two images above.